Steam-insulating tape ALENOR® INTERNAL (MFPA)

ALENOR® INTERNAL – vapour-proof internal window tape based on aluminium coated non-woven membrane with two acrylic adhesive strips (connection to translucent structures) and one butyl adhesive strip (connection to wall opening). The tape was successfully tested at MFPA Leipzig GmbH. Test Report PB 4.1/18-315-2 (March, 4th, 2019).


ALENOR® INTERNAL is ready to use and does not require special tools. Tape designed as vapour barrier for internal joints between translucent structures and wall opening.


let’s see what benefits you will get using our products:  highly adhesive to all construction surfaces, ageing resistance, weathering resistance, long life, ecologically clean, no life harmful components.

Adhesive acrylic / butyl
Water vapour diffusion equivalent air layer thickness 50±3% r.h. at 23±0.5°C, Sd (m) 0,81
Water vapour diffusion equivalent air layer thickness 50±3% r.h. at 23±0.5°C after ageing, Sd (m) ​ 0,92
Water tightness at 600 Pa, 24°C/55% r.h. water tight
Operating temperature, ºC -40…+90
Recommended installation temperature, ºC +5…+40
Lifetime (not less then), years 20
ALENOR INTERNAL 75 75 25 | 12.5 | 5
ALENOR INTERNAL 100 100 25 | 12.5 | 5
ALENOR INTERNAL 150 150 25 | 12.5 | 5
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Whether renovation project or new build, level or uneven substrate, bad weather period or sunshine – with the help of our high-performance products you will master every challenge when doing indoor or outdoor sealing jobs on doors and windows.

ALENOR window tapes have been designed to facilitate your sealing job in every respect while at the same time providing long-lasting and reliable results. For this purpose, window tapes are equipped with two types of adhesive strips: an acrylic strip for mounting on the window surface and a butyl strip for mounting on the wall surface, ensuring perfect adhesion to concrete or brick surfaces.
Our tapes are ready to use and does not require special tools.

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